Prescription Home Delivery Service


To develop a vision for the future of member experience in prescription home delivery for one of the leading pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies.


In a very competitive market space, to drive home delivery usage and brand advocacy, the client was considering strategies that could improve the overall home delivery experience for their members. The goal of this engagement is to provide actionable insights on how to measure progress, while providing some suggestions for initial areas of focus. 


As the lead researcher for this project, I worked with the team to deploy a series of user research activities. The focus is to better understand: client business objectives, competitive landscape, and target audience's needs, motivations, and behaviors.

In order to deeply study audience's needs, I started the research with 1:1 interview sessions with consumers to identify common themes, with a focus on uncovering their emotional states. Then survey was deployed to validate the initial findings.   

Key Learning:

This research project showcased the importance of reframing when communicating insights to answer the initial research question and go beyond.

Clients was looking for insights to shred some light on potential improvements to member online portal, in order to make it easy for members to start and manage home delivery. Through our research, we discovered that online portal can be improved. Moreover, the bigger challenge exists in the initial conversion which occurs across various channels, i.e., online, through mail, on the phone, at the pharmacy. It's critical to design for those moments.  

 Competitive Analysis Criteria

Competitive Analysis Criteria

 Page of Interview Guide

Page of Interview Guide

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