Prior Authorization Tool Research


To provide insights and recommendations towards designing a best-in-class digital tool to help Healthcare Providers (HCPs) manage the review process of certain prescriptions or procedures, as known as Prior Authorization (PA)


In order to create a digital tool that improves the PA process, I want to first understand how HCPs are currently managing the PA process within the practice setting. Teaming up with another UX researcher as the note taker, I conducted job shadowing sessions to uncover the nuances of the daily PA process as it exists today. I then synthesized and analyzed the data. As a result, we gained insights to help us understand the environment we need to design for and also the current barriers we can help remove.

In the meantime, design teams created two prototypes with similar functionalities but different structures. I led the team to conduct concept testing, focusing on gaining a deeper understanding of the design criteria for a future solution, rather than evaluation of the concepts.



1. Job Shadowing: conducted 5 1-on-1 sessions at 5 practices. 

 Sample final report

Sample final report

2. Concept Testing: 12 1-on-1 on-site sessions 

 Sample design recommendations

Sample design recommendations

More information is available for in person discussion